Green Genie Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser


  • 1 x Green Genie Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser & 750ml Spray Bottle



1 x Green Genie Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser (1 litre Concentrate) & 750ml Spray Bottle
Available in 1Litre Concentrate

  • 1 x 1litre Concentrate will make 14 x 750ml Spray Bottles.
  • pH 7.2
  • Dilution: 10:1 (90ml concentrate to 10-1 mark on spray bottle)
  • Can be used to pre-spray floor area before mopping if required (let dwell for 2 mins if area is heavily soiled).

This is a 20-1 concentrate which will produce  ready to use Spray Bottles. In concentrate form it has a light citrus fragrance, when diluted it is virtually odourless. It is the perfect cleaning and sanitising maintenance product for any hard floor. It is also suitable for all surfaces washable with water such as windows, mirrors, floors, furniture, sinks, showers, toilets etc.

For any Deep Cleaning task you just need to let the product dwell for 2 minutes before beginning to clean – use 90ml of liquid for deep cleaning (10-1 on Spray Bottle). It will both clean the surface and kill a wide range of bacteria, fungi & viruses such as MRSA, Staph, E. Coli, C.Difficle, Salmonella & Listeria. pH Value – 7.0.


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