The Step Back Mopping System – Why it works !

Before looking at how the Step Back Mopping System works it is important to understand why it works, and in order to do so you must examine what you are trying to achieve when mopping a floor.

When mopping any floor the aim should always be to remove any loose soils, dirt, residue’s from the surface before they have the chance to become ingrained. Mopping the floor in this manner will ensure you always receive the desired result, which is to leave your floors free of SSR’s – Streak’s, Smear’s & Residue’s.

The Step Back Mopping system achieves this to a perfect standard. The high performance Waffle Floor Cloth will pull up and extract any loose soils from the surface but, most importantly, the microfibres in the cloth will hold this soil on the cloth until the cloth is washed or rinsed out.

This ensures that no soils initially taken up ever return to the floor during the mopping process, thus keeping the floor in optimum condition at all times.

Traditional mopping systems, including steam mops, have one particular weakness and this is the crucial differentiating factor between the Step Back Mopping System and all others. When cleaning the floor whatever is used to carry out the cleaning, be it a microfibre pad, String Mop Head or Strip Mop Head, it will always reach a point where it is completely saturated with dirt/soils/residues.

Once this saturation point is reached the equipment simply cannot extract any more loosened soils from the floor, all it can do is push the soils around the floor. When this happens the floor glistens with moisture and gives the illusion of being clean, but when the floor dries it dries with smears on the surface. Soils are left on the floor which ultimately will become ingrained leading to further problems.

No floor surface is deemed to be clean unless it is completely smear free and residue free and this is why the Step Back Mopping System always works.

How does the Step Back Mopping System work?

The clue is in the name – to achieve optimal results using this system you must continuously step the mop frame back down the Waffle Floor Cloth as you clean (See video).

The Step Back Mopping system is a unique concept in that the only segment of the Waffle Floor Cloth that is extracting and holding the loose soils at any given time is the segment under the frame. When this segment becomes saturated with soils simply step the frame back down to the next clean section. The frame can be moved four times on one side of the cloth and then four times on the other side. No soils can fall back to the floor and the optimal result will be achieved.

The Step Back System means one High Performance Waffle Floor Cloth does the work of 8 Microfiber Mop Pads, thus making it not only the most cost effective but also the most results effective mop available on the market today.

The perfect maintenance system!

The Step Back Mop is the perfect maintenance system for any hard floor , for any new floor it will maintain it in perfect condition when used on a regular basis.

But what happens when you are dealing with a floor that has already been badly damaged from years of harsh chemicals and poor mopping systems. When this occurs you are dealing with deep cleaning not maintenance and the procedure is:

  • Deep Clean the Floor using A Doodlebug Floor Tool and Micro-cleaning Doodlebug Pads (See video).
  • Then maintain it regularly using the step back mopping system.