Step Back Mopping System


  • 1 x Telescopic Mop with 30cm Frame
  • Waffle Microfiber Floor Cloths
  • 1 x 30cm Velcro Pad


This kit includes:

1 x Telescopic Mop with 30cm Frame
Composed primarily of Stainless Steel & Aluminium, this mop is ideally suited to use in any domestic home.

  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Handle – extendable from 100cm to 170cm.
  • 30cm Aluminum Mop Frame.
  • Telescopic Handle is adjustable & allows for neat storage.
  • 30cm Frame is designed to allow cleaning along edges & into corners, cleaning of open spaces, cleaning under furniture and between furniture in hard to reach spaces.
  • Extremely Durable.
  • 2 x High Performance Waffle Microfiber Floor Cloths (For use on all hard floors).


Waffle Microfiber Floor Cloths – For All Floors
38cm x 45cm x 360gsm

  • The most effective floor cleaning cloth available.
  • Can be used on any hard floor (Tiles, Wood, Vinyl , Laminate).
  • Developed using microfiber technology, the cloth will raise ingrained dirt simply by hooking or grabbing onto the soiled area.
  • Extremely durable.

Waffle  Microfiber Floor Cloths are safe to use on all hard floors and are highly effective. These Microfiber cloths can be laundered up to 450 times at temperatures up to 60 degree Celsius. This cloth can be used with just water, but in many cases the floor would be pre-sprayed with Bio Kleen Heavy Duty Degreaser or any neutral pH Floor Liquid.


1 x 30cm Velcro Pad (to be attached to mop frame)
Velcro Mop Pad for 30cm Frame

This double sided velcro pad is attached to the mop frame before mopping begins. The white side attaches to velcro at the base of the mop frame, while the black side attaches and grips the microfiber floor cloths.

  • Enables maximum usage from Waffle Microfiber Floor Cloths.
  • Should be cleaned once a month by wiping or combing the black surface to avoid clogging of the velcro. This is necessary as the black side, which grips the cloth, will pick up loose particles such as threads etc.
  • Will provide greater softness during usage and will maximise the cleaning result on all types of flat surfaces.


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